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About Us

Drywall Hanging Taping & Repair

Choosing the right drywall company

When you need a drywall contractor you have many options to choose from. We don't claim to be the cheapest but we are usually not the highest price either.

What we offer is top quality drywall work done for a fair price. You can count on us showing up when scheduled and finishing the job to completion.

Every job starts with an onsite estimate at your home or business. You will receive a written proposal by email within a day or so. If you have any questions about the proposal feel free to contact us to discuss it. 

We are a small family owned company and most of the time you will be dealing directly with the owner. When We arrive to work on your property the first thing that will be masking if it is needed. Drywall can be a messy task and we prevent damage and cleanup time by using thin plastic sheeting to cover up anything that may get dirty. 

Usually drywall finishing requires putting on a coat of joint compound and waiting until the next day to put on another coat. We can avoid this delay by using fast setting joint compound. This type of compound sets up in an hour or less allowing all the coats to be done in a single day. The finished compound still must sit overnight before priming or painting to allow all water to leave the compound.

Drywall finishing requires three coats of compound to get a smooth surface. The first coat is a paper or mesh tape which gets embedded in compound. This first strength coat is critical to avoid having cracks down the road. The paper bonds with each side of the drywall and acts like a bridge holding the next two coats. The second coat is the thickest and is called the fill coat. This coat is where most of the compound is applied. The final coat or finish coat is a thin tighter coat that fills in any small imperfections from the second coat and also makes up for shrinkage in the last two coats. Now the compound gets a light sand to feather any edges in to the board.


Priming and Painting

We only use quality paint

We are proud to use  Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints on our jobs. 

We get asked alot about self priming paints and if they are any good. We feel that they are great if you are going over new drywall or clean painted walls but just because it bonds well doesn't mean you can avoid doing the second coat. The first coat of self priming paint applied over finished drywall will soak into the drywall paper more than the joint compound. The second coat of paint will bond evenly and once dry have a uniform look accross the whole wall. If you are using very bright red or yellow colors a third coat may be required.


Popcorn Ceilings

Options if you have popcorn ceilings

Popcorn textured ceilings have been around for over 50 years. Depending on the condition of your ceilings we can usually repair damaged popcorn ceilings and repaint them. 

If you want to get rid of popcorn ceilings their are four main options.

1. Wet the texture and scrape off. 

2. Demo the ceilings to the joist.

3. Sheetrock over the existing ceilings with new drywall using longer screws.

4. Scrape the tips off and skim.

Option one is only available if the ceilings have not been painted too many times as the water needs to absorb into the texture to allow scraping. If the popcorn is sealed most of the texture will remain and skim coating multiple times will be required to achieve smooth ceilings.

If you have large ceilings to do it is usually best to drywall over the textured drywall which gives you a new smooth surface to work with. This is cost effective and can be done even in occupied homes with the right masking.

If your budget allows, demo of the existing ceilings and hanging new drywall may be an option. This requires a dumpster to get rid of the waste and creates a lot more labor, mess, and cost than just going over the existing drywall but is best for large scale remodels where wiring and plumbing need to be updated.